What are the steps I need to follow to initiate a home exchange?

  • List your property
  • Find a home
  • Contact member
  • Agree on the details

Trusting your apartment to strangers

Most people doing apartment/home swaps are considerate about other people's belongings. They are staying in your home, while you are staying in theirs, after all.

While home exchange is known to be very safe, it's important to establish a relationship through phone calls and e-mails and also to check on your exchange-partner's references and exchange history, if available.

Swapping cars

You can swap your cars as long as both exchange-partners agree to it. Most people do, since it's a great way of saving cost.

Tips on finding a suitable exchange

To increase the chance of finding a fair exchange, we recommend you to be flexible on dates and destination. You should also post your listing way ahead of the desired travel dates. This also gives you more time for getting to know your exchange-partner before you finalize your commitment.

You do not need to swap your homes simultaneously

If both partners own a second home, it allows for more flexibility, since the exchanges don't need to happen simultaneously.

Arranging the key swap

Exchanging keys can be done in several ways. You can leave the keys with your neighbor, friend, or family member or just have a secure key-storage-box, if your apartment building allows for one. You can also meet your guest on the day of departure and exchange keys in person.

Can I swap my apartment if I don't own it?

Generally speaking, yes. Most landlords will have nothing against guests staying at your place while you're away.

However we recommend that you contact your property manager or landlord before exchanging places with your partner. Even though there's no money transaction involved with the apartment swap, it may be perceived as a sublet by some landlords. If this turns out to be the case, make sure your lease doesn't include rules that have restrictions on subletting.

We recommend that you purchase a flight cancelation insurance along with your ticket, to protect yourself in the occasion of a last moment cancelation by your exchange partner, for unavoidable reason.

How do I prepare for a home exchange?

We recommend that you discuss all the details with your exchange partner prior to your departure. (how to swap the keys, do you have to clean before leaving and any other personal preferences you or your host may have).

You may also consider leaving a note to your guest with instructions and advices on using your household appliances, a map of the area with nearby pharmacies and public transportation, useful phone numbers, recommendations on your favorite restaurants in the area, the most reliable taxi cab, or any other useful information regarding your home or it's surroundings that your guest may find helpful.

Your guest will also appreciate to find a clean and tidy house so make sure there are clean towels and linens available.

Do I need to share my Facebook profile with other members?

We strongly recommend our members to share their profile, since it helps building trust among other home-swappers. However, it's entirely optional. Only registered members will be able to see your profile.

How can I benefit from communicating with other members through Skype?

Skype lets you have video calls with other members, using their free plan. It has a user friendly interface, that's easy to install and set up. Apart from being a cost-friendly way to communicate internationally, video-calls can come handy, when it comes to arranging a home swap. Using the video-call feature, you and your exchange partner can show each other around the home and also benefit from the fact that eye contact makes conversations more personal and helps to build trust between the two parties.